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Vietnam paintings - About Cau Vong art studio, Vietnam

Cau Vong Painting Studio

We, Cau Vong Studio, are an art studio specialized in oil paintings (on canvas, metal, furnitures), located in the outskirts of Hochiminh city, VIETNAM.

Our workshop, which started with a team of only four painters in 1996, consists now of about twenty people, all local painters who are predominantly confirmed and/or well recognized artists. 

The studio is placed under the management of its original founder's wife, Mrs. Truong Thi Ngoc Oanh, and his French assistant Baptiste Treton, graduated from Art School. 

Roland himself was a french artist whose original back ground, including restoring and gilding on top of painting, has contributed to give the studio its original touch: a combination of traditions and creativity.

He regretfully passed away in july of 2017, but his assistant Baptiste, will be happy to show you around if you want to visit, not only the paintings themselves, also the material and subproducts used at the studio.

Different Painting Products

We are offering basically two kinds of products: reproductions "in the style of…" and creations, which are both signed by CAU VONG studio. Besides reproductions, we have developed our own creations, based on original works from painters at CAU VONG Studio, which can be eventually series on specific themes, used ultimately as decoration items. 

 Whether in reproductions or creations, the CAU VONG Studio has made one of its specialties the large-scale paintings, or frescos (many of our paintings reach two meters long, can even be much bigger, as per customer's request). In both categories – reproductions and creations – we are in a position to offer based on either existing paintings from our catalogue or any new idea or suggestion given to us to create an original painting.

Quality Of The Paintings

What makes the final value of a painting, on top of the talent of the artist, is also the quality of the material and subproducts used. 

For that reason, CAU VONG studio is paying special attention not only to the paints used (high quality paints, mainly imported from Europe and Japan), but also to the linens, whose quality is another pre-condition to any valuable reproduction or creation. 

 As for the stretchers, we are using properly dried and treated locally-made stretchers. These stretchers are key-structured and can eventually be turned down.

Contacts And Orders

We do not sell on-line. For orders, you are invited to contact us by e-mail. We will be pleased to give you a fair / honest quotation as well as smooth / reliable logistic solutions. 
CAU VONG studio:
  • Address: 202B Pham Huu Lau, Ap 4, Xa Phuoc Kien,
    Huyen Nha Be – Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam
  • Tel: (84.28) 37 81 52 47
  • E-mail: cauvongart@gmail.com
  • Website: www.cauvongart.com
  • Contact: Mrs Truong Thi NGOC OANH, Mr. Baptiste TRETON